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Origami Manual


Frontier Engineering

From: Jade T., Carl E., Mubdi S., Sanbir R., Kyukyoung K.

To: Maryam Alikhani



As an activity, each group is expected to create an origami figure along with a manual. The purpose of this project is manipulation of geometric shapes as a group based on our creativity. Writing a manual is a basic engineering exercise that tests our arranged logic, innovation and originality.



  1. Label the bottom center of the paper “front”.
  2. Flip and label the back bottom center “back”.
  3. Flip to the “front” side and fold the paper hot-dog style inward.
  4. After folding the paper hot-dog style, flip to the back and fold hot-dog style as well.
  5. Open up the paper to the “back” side and fold both top corners to the vertical line, making sure the flaps are symmetrical.
  6. Next, flip to the “front” side and fold the top edges to the vertical line (Fig. 1).
  7. Unfold the top back flaps to make a diamond figure on top (Fig. 2).
  8. With the diamond shape that was formed, fold the top point of the diamond to the bottom point of the diamond.
  9. Then, fold hot-dog style inward so the “back” side is facing you.
  10. Next, fold one side from point 1 to point 2 (Fig. 3).
  11. Flip to the “front” side and repeat the fold from point 1 to point 2. (Step 10)
  12. Finally, open the wings and grab the plane by the center vertical fold.