Welcome (Self-evaluation)

Throughout the semester as a Writing for Engineers student, I feel as if my process improved greatly. Before this course, I wasn’t aware of the various forms of technical writing for communication, which are necessary not only in school, but also the engineering work environment. Thanks to the free-writing exercises, I was able to develop an ability to write vulnerably and with self-expression. In addition, working in teams while evaluating, giving, and receiving feedback on assignments contributed tremendously to my growth as a technical writer. Something else I picked up while improving my writing process was the fact that it’s okay to take risks and be creative. This directly improved my strategizing and brainstorming skills when writing. Looking at my very first paper and comparing it to my final works, I can see so much of these new skills and improvements being developed over time. Over time with these papers I got better at reading, drafting, and self-assessment, especially in the case of revising rough drafts. Another thing that I got better at was using library resources and online databases to pursue research. Finally, one of the most important skills I got to improve was my ability to articulate a stance and get my point across thoroughly in my writing. Now, I feel as if I can adequately communicate my technical knowledge and ideas, especially in a professional manner to a variety of audiences.